Thursday, May 09, 2013

8th of May 2013. The day when the traffic didn't matter.

Photo Credits to Raymond Rayrox. Just because I was stuck
outside of this stadium, in a jam. 
It wasn't a crawl, nor was it a torturous standstill. But it was an adventure to remember. The time when technology failed me, reminding me that sometimes, we just gotta take things easy.. and join the crowd. Thinking if I could use Waze to find a shorter route away from the massive hell-hole, instead, I followed a clear route, only to realize that the GPS brought me to a quiet neighbourhood, a cemetery, and halfway through there was no line. I then took a U turn, and joined the crowd again.

An hour later, I found myself at the exact spot where the 8th of May speech by Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim was. Tonnes of people were stuck, cars were parked everywhere. I wanted to join in the fun, but having things to do at home, I thought I'd head home, but I got stuck there in my car for another 2 hours anyway. But it was an eye opener. Things like these make me proud of my Malaysian brothers and sisters, it makes me proud to be Malaysian, knowing that, at the end of the day, there's still hope and it's not a single man fight.

Chants of "Reformasi" and "Transformasi" was heard, people honking together, people walking all the way to the stadium. And they weren't just people, they weren't just a particular race, they were Malaysians. Forget the Chinese Tsunami, this was Malaysian. and who are these Malaysians? They are the one's born and bred herein Malaysia, Malay, Indians and the Chinese (not forgetting the others too who have their proper citizenship). It moved me personally to know that, THAT was the amount of people who want a better Malaysia without corruption. Smiles were exchanged along the way, friendships were made but no contact was shared, for the very first time, I felt safe in my own land. I didn't even need to think of the possibility of an acid splasher, because he wouldn't have anywhere to run or hide.

This is what I call my home, not the corrupted one, filled with lies. Upon listening to the news on radio, it was said that the government will ensure unity among the nation, bla bla bla.. but, who started the Chinese Tsunami first? who started the "Apa Lagi Cina Mahu" statement? Who defended the paper? They're just putting more gasoline to the fire that has already been ignited since the 5th of May.

Though Malaysia's democracy died on the 5th of May, but yesterday, on the 8th of May, showed that it will rise again someday because evil can never win.

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