Monday, February 11, 2013

A different Chinese New Year spent

"People who go for karaoke's can't sing. I used to join the choir... THAT'S singing"

"It's never good to bottle up everything, if you're unhappy, speak out"

"In all things, smile. always"

"When are you bringing me for dim sum again?"

"Did you know, that I used to ride my bike from PJ all the way to Port Klang?"

Those, where the little conversations I had with my grandparents on random occasions. One's which have impacted the way I look at life, one's which reminded me of the simplicity of life, and the one's that were said during their 'last days' which, I just can't forget.

I used to be close with my late maternal grandparents (my paternal grandparents passed away when I was too young to understand the value of spending time together), no doubt, closer to my grandmother since my grandfather lived in another home, and I enjoyed every moment with them, especially every Chinese New Year when I got to go to my grandfather's place to see what he's up to, check out his mango tree, his bike, and when I got to spend time with my grandmother whenever we went visiting from house to house. She would either eat what she's not supposed to, or take home some candy.  

Remembering the times when my grandmother would refuse to sit next to my grandfather, or when they would practically avoid each other, over the many years during reunion dinners, seemed to be a norm to all of us in the family, until my grandmother fell ill, that was when my grandfather held her hand again, that's when it touched, well, at least my heart, and to realize that, there's always room for forgiveness. 

That's what my grandparents taught me. 

This Chinese New Year, 2013. I clearly didn't feel the "CNY" vibe, nor was I excited to "wear the new clothes I bought" it could probably be because there's nothing much to look forward to, other than spending time with the extended relatives I see once a year, spend time with the other relatives whom I see on an occasional basis (like most weekends) or maybe it was also because I bought my clothes online because I was too busy to go shopping. And maybe also because, my grandparent's just weren't around.

They were also the ones that shared little Chinese New Year traditions, some of which I don't even remember. Recently, there were videos going around Facebook, on Chinese New Year, yes, some were poignant, some were thought provoking, until something quirky popped up, it was a hash-tag called #yehyehstories

It was a video episode compilation of the to-do's on Chinese New Year, one which caught my attention was, Keep it Long, cuz I instantly asked myself, keep what long? and knowing it was the year of the snake, my mind went a little bit too far fetched. 

My grandparents definitely didn't talk to me about wearing long pants! but thanks to these Maxis webisodes, I've now learnt a thing or two, feel free to check out the other episodes too. They're all equally entertaining (to my surprise). 

We often assume that grandfather-mother stories are boring to the core, but whoever knew that they'd be entertaining as well? Hence I always chose to listen to their stories, my grandfather also used to tell me  bout his "hanging out" days with his pals, and it still puts a smile on my face, knowing that despite the hardship everyone went through, life still had it's light somewhere. 

So, cheers to the new year of the snake. According to my mom, it's my year (because I was born two days before Chinese New Year) but if we're looking at the "YEAR" itself, I'm a horse. In other words, I think I'm somewhat lost, whatever goes, I'm probably hybrid, I don't know, a reptile cum mammal! It didn't start well since the first day of 2013, so, I guess Chinese New Year can be considered a second chance for me to start again.

Have an awesome one people.

Here are some mandarin oranges.

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