Tuesday, November 13, 2012

War of the worlds: Goliath

What would your reaction be when you're invited for a special screening for a local film? What runs through your mind when you're told that it's a blogger event? What would you expect if you hear about a local production screened on the big silver screen?

My perceptions were wrong, thinking it would be a so-so film, the crowd was waaayyyyy different than any of the blogger events I've been to, and I was not disappointed.

In the midst of my work, I got a text from a good friend of mine, creator and founder of Electroshadow. And because his reviews are honest and "trustworthy", I thought "hey, why not? it'd be something different, and it would also.. nudge me to write again someway somehow" Truth to be known, I didn't regret watching the whole show, yes, there where redundant areas here and there, I wouldn't call it a bad film, but it made me appreciate the hard work behind all these. The show served as what I call, a pleasant surprise I must say, topped with free popcorn and a coke, it was a good time spent.

A lil bit about the movie, it's a local animation, but it's not those *TV3 animations, but this is like seeing a comic book,come to life. A true eye-opener, something beyond the ordinary local productions you see, example,  Cicakman. There are certain things in the movie that may come by a little bit fake, but c'mon, it's an animation, so we shouldn't expect much from it, but I loved, how it made me feel as if I was part of the war in the olden days, those days with guns and machines, and what made this different, the characters weren't dealing with people from other countries, but beings, creatures from another world.

I liked how the whole movie portrayed us, people, as one. Living in the world today, it's not easy to come together as one, we're segregated between "us" and "them". This animation, seemed like a Utopian dream, but think about it, one fine day, if that force somewhere, out there finds us here in this humble place called earth, how will we fight them? how can we go against them if all the countries in this world are minding their own business. But of course, that's a little too far fetch, maybe I'm just.. delusional to actually think that there may be stronger creatures out there, maybe I'm just re-living my childhood I never had, because back then when I was younger, I never took the time to play games nor imagine monsters, aliens and zombies, I was thinking of how I wanted to live my life, how I wanted to earn my dough, and all my other life goals... so now that i've reached the point, thinking that, well, I've yet to achieve anything too great, but, hey, you can never be too old to go back to the comic world, the animated world, that fantasy.

I wouldn't say the film has impacted me in a way that's... life-changing, but I must say, to think of the process of making this film, to think of the efforts behind, to think of how they may have made the some parts of the film "over-done", made me open minded, to accept flaws, to have faith that it could be better, to believe that Malaysia is not all gloom and doom at the end of the day, and to take life easier as a 22 year old. The makers had a long way in making this film a success, not that I'd be making one of my own, but it's an indirect reminder  that, if I want to reach that particular point in life, I've to either put in the same efforts they did, or probably more.

Overall, it's a feel-good film. if you're looking for Transformers material, or TDKR storyline, or Daniel Craig or Anne Hathaway lookalikes, or films that would make you sit on the edge of your seat... watch it, but keep the comments to yourself, because the animation ain't nothing like anything stated above. But if you have a thing for local productions, even if you don't, if you like animations, guns, and robots (which was my case), or if you've nothing to do after work, then watch it.

Till my next post! (not sure when, but I'll try.) : )


IF said...

This was one of the worst movie reviews I ever read, but I feel like I know you (Lena) a whole lot more than before. (given the fact that I haven't had clue you even existed up till now, it doesn't say much, thou)

Elena Lee said...

Hey IF,

Thanks for dropping by, well, to each of it's own i guess, i didn't want it to be, solely a "movie review" but something that relates to me, and as you can see from my other posts, I don't write bout say, "the types of trains in Malaysia" but i write bout "how trains relate to me" there's a difference there.

but yea, it's nice to have you here. : )