Thursday, May 09, 2013

8th of May 2013. The day when the traffic didn't matter.

Photo Credits to Raymond Rayrox. Just because I was stuck
outside of this stadium, in a jam. 
It wasn't a crawl, nor was it a torturous standstill. But it was an adventure to remember. The time when technology failed me, reminding me that sometimes, we just gotta take things easy.. and join the crowd. Thinking if I could use Waze to find a shorter route away from the massive hell-hole, instead, I followed a clear route, only to realize that the GPS brought me to a quiet neighbourhood, a cemetery, and halfway through there was no line. I then took a U turn, and joined the crowd again.

An hour later, I found myself at the exact spot where the 8th of May speech by Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim was. Tonnes of people were stuck, cars were parked everywhere. I wanted to join in the fun, but having things to do at home, I thought I'd head home, but I got stuck there in my car for another 2 hours anyway. But it was an eye opener. Things like these make me proud of my Malaysian brothers and sisters, it makes me proud to be Malaysian, knowing that, at the end of the day, there's still hope and it's not a single man fight.

Chants of "Reformasi" and "Transformasi" was heard, people honking together, people walking all the way to the stadium. And they weren't just people, they weren't just a particular race, they were Malaysians. Forget the Chinese Tsunami, this was Malaysian. and who are these Malaysians? They are the one's born and bred herein Malaysia, Malay, Indians and the Chinese (not forgetting the others too who have their proper citizenship). It moved me personally to know that, THAT was the amount of people who want a better Malaysia without corruption. Smiles were exchanged along the way, friendships were made but no contact was shared, for the very first time, I felt safe in my own land. I didn't even need to think of the possibility of an acid splasher, because he wouldn't have anywhere to run or hide.

This is what I call my home, not the corrupted one, filled with lies. Upon listening to the news on radio, it was said that the government will ensure unity among the nation, bla bla bla.. but, who started the Chinese Tsunami first? who started the "Apa Lagi Cina Mahu" statement? Who defended the paper? They're just putting more gasoline to the fire that has already been ignited since the 5th of May.

Though Malaysia's democracy died on the 5th of May, but yesterday, on the 8th of May, showed that it will rise again someday because evil can never win.

Monday, May 06, 2013

This is still our country.

I needed a thumbnail for this post, just 'cause. and THIS was what happened yesterday morning at 740am.
First of all, as much as it irks me in saying this as it wasn't much of a fair play, but with all due respect, congratulations to Barisan Nasional for winning the 13th general election. Looking back, 23 years of my
life, I was never one that was into politics, but I would like to thank my dear Prime Minister, for attempting to preserve the peace and stability of this country, for giving me freebies every now and then using our own money, and also for making me realize that while we were not looking at politics, politics was looking at us. This realization struck when I turned 21, registered myself a couple of months later, and just yesterday, I cast my first vote for my country.

56 years is a big number, but how far have we progressed? While other people can walk down the streets at night without having to worry bout their lives, here we are, allowing everything to happen. While other people fear the existence of guns, or terrorism, here we are, fearing our own rights to vote, here we are, wondering what this corrupt country would be in another 5 years time. But of course, there is a handful of people with their own views, people who are seemingly "okay" with this game that was played, and it breaks my heart, our hearts, to know that there's such a mentality brooding in this country. Maybe they do see a good side, how you guys have "provided" for our country, "took care" of the people, "spoon feed" those who are in need... really now? Maybe it is time you do a reality check of who ARE the people in need, I'm pretty sure they're not those imported from another country. Why take care of other country's people's welfare when you can't even handle your own?

Yesterday wasn't the end of Malaysia, nor was it the end of the world, but it was a huge wake up call. From all the dirty tricks of dissing other parties on national radio, promoting ads which do not do any good to anyone, transporting foreigners, sudden blackouts at a specific area. Really now? I believe that Malaysians are wise enough to choose what is right for them, and this, is clearly not right, and the only reason that it has happened, is because of, corruption. It's corruption at it's best. How low can you go? I would also like to congratulate your good self in bringing that little monster in me to life. I don't hate this country, I still respect the views of my friends, but really, I hate you. I don't think that Malaysia has lost it's hope, but this, is another reminder that fighters fight, and we will still fight for this.

Hoping that there would be change, hoping that others could show us what they are capable of, no, you decide to play dirty. Why do you want a country to hate you? why do you want your fellow citizens to live under such corruption? Why do you have to make us live in such anger? Well, fine, I actually know the answer, you're greedy and you just don't care bout us. Yes, you can show it with the whole BR1M thing, but   if you're honest in giving to the citizens, you didn't need to freak out and prepare planes and buses of foreigners to keep your numbers up. You didn't need to sell us to others. We KNOW what you can provide, we know what you're doing, in fact we probably know too much now.

I shall not make this issue interfere with my work now as much as I have tonnes of other things to say, but one last important thing I would like to thank you for...

Thank you for killing Malaysia's democracy.

Monday, February 11, 2013

A different Chinese New Year spent

"People who go for karaoke's can't sing. I used to join the choir... THAT'S singing"

"It's never good to bottle up everything, if you're unhappy, speak out"

"In all things, smile. always"

"When are you bringing me for dim sum again?"

"Did you know, that I used to ride my bike from PJ all the way to Port Klang?"

Those, where the little conversations I had with my grandparents on random occasions. One's which have impacted the way I look at life, one's which reminded me of the simplicity of life, and the one's that were said during their 'last days' which, I just can't forget.

I used to be close with my late maternal grandparents (my paternal grandparents passed away when I was too young to understand the value of spending time together), no doubt, closer to my grandmother since my grandfather lived in another home, and I enjoyed every moment with them, especially every Chinese New Year when I got to go to my grandfather's place to see what he's up to, check out his mango tree, his bike, and when I got to spend time with my grandmother whenever we went visiting from house to house. She would either eat what she's not supposed to, or take home some candy.  

Remembering the times when my grandmother would refuse to sit next to my grandfather, or when they would practically avoid each other, over the many years during reunion dinners, seemed to be a norm to all of us in the family, until my grandmother fell ill, that was when my grandfather held her hand again, that's when it touched, well, at least my heart, and to realize that, there's always room for forgiveness. 

That's what my grandparents taught me. 

This Chinese New Year, 2013. I clearly didn't feel the "CNY" vibe, nor was I excited to "wear the new clothes I bought" it could probably be because there's nothing much to look forward to, other than spending time with the extended relatives I see once a year, spend time with the other relatives whom I see on an occasional basis (like most weekends) or maybe it was also because I bought my clothes online because I was too busy to go shopping. And maybe also because, my grandparent's just weren't around.

They were also the ones that shared little Chinese New Year traditions, some of which I don't even remember. Recently, there were videos going around Facebook, on Chinese New Year, yes, some were poignant, some were thought provoking, until something quirky popped up, it was a hash-tag called #yehyehstories

It was a video episode compilation of the to-do's on Chinese New Year, one which caught my attention was, Keep it Long, cuz I instantly asked myself, keep what long? and knowing it was the year of the snake, my mind went a little bit too far fetched. 

My grandparents definitely didn't talk to me about wearing long pants! but thanks to these Maxis webisodes, I've now learnt a thing or two, feel free to check out the other episodes too. They're all equally entertaining (to my surprise). 

We often assume that grandfather-mother stories are boring to the core, but whoever knew that they'd be entertaining as well? Hence I always chose to listen to their stories, my grandfather also used to tell me  bout his "hanging out" days with his pals, and it still puts a smile on my face, knowing that despite the hardship everyone went through, life still had it's light somewhere. 

So, cheers to the new year of the snake. According to my mom, it's my year (because I was born two days before Chinese New Year) but if we're looking at the "YEAR" itself, I'm a horse. In other words, I think I'm somewhat lost, whatever goes, I'm probably hybrid, I don't know, a reptile cum mammal! It didn't start well since the first day of 2013, so, I guess Chinese New Year can be considered a second chance for me to start again.

Have an awesome one people.

Here are some mandarin oranges.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Does saying goodbye really matter?

Random picture from Google
Recently I was asked this question that made me realize what I've become. A heartless being. Just so I could adapt with this new world I live in. A simple question that brought me back to the many heartaches in the past, tears and anger, which by now, as I think bout it, I am just darn glad I've grew out of that stage.. but could it be that I grew out of it just, too soon?

The question, or rather a rephrase of that question was " Does saying goodbye in a relationship/friendship, matter to you?" Well, my answer was, yea, of course, it did, in the past however. I used to wonder why he'd leave, why isn't this person replying me, where did this person go? why doesn't he like me anymore? and of course, What, did I do wrong? Questions like these, until, I saw that ray of light at the end of the tunnel, no it wasn't a moving train, but it was this light that made me realize that, these questions didn't matter, the hypothetical answers to these questions just end up lowering my own self-esteem, these questions may have an answer, but at the end, so what if you have the answer? do you think that by knowing the answer to these questions you get to "do better" in the next friendship you make? The answer is, no. You don't. Because, different people react differently. 

I would walk you down this memory lane to tell you about all the guys who have made a good first impression and disappeared the following day, or even the guy who promised to bring me out on Valentines' but did not even drop me a text on that very day. However, it's okay, they don't deserve much credit here, but one thing's for sure, I've met enough guys like that to actually think that doing a disappearing act in a friendship, is an ok thing, I can even sugar coat it by saying, without "goodbyes" at least there's this "hope" that I'll still talk to you again one fine day, if I want to at least. 

I've given up trying to build relationships, what's the point of doing so, when the other party is overly occupied? I tell myself, maybe I should make that "first move", then I do, then I realize, it is an utter waste of time, and if someone were to want to get himself all occupied and come running back to you telling you he's sorry for being away, back then, I would think "oh, he remembers me" but right now,I think to myself, "you can go f*ck yourself" hence the reason why I've chosen to keep quiet, and not tell him in the face, because THAT would be a "closing", that, would be a goodbye.

But, I've not given up making friends. I would still make an effort to strike conversations with new people, I would still take the time to know someone, but I wouldn't hope for anything more than that, and even if that person wants to, I'm sorry, I can't roll that way, anymore. I'd make friendships, but I don't think I'd want to build relationships, unless someone shows me that they really want to, I could consider. 

It's a pro and con thing in the end, I've become heartless,apathetic, yet at the same time, I save myself from heartaches, I'm happy, carefree, and awesome... basically, I just realize that I'm capable of moving on.

So at the end of it all, that "closing speech" do not matter.It's everyone's choice if they decide to stay quiet or completely disappear from your life.

And now with Chinese New Year around the corner, Valentines' day as well, to those who are in a relationship, treasure it, embrace it, don't be like some asshole I've met recently who wants to cheat on his girlfriend, people like that should be knocked down by a bus, those who are waiting, well, if they're worth the wait, go ahead, if they're not, move on, no questions, no wondering, no "I-think-I-Should-talk-to-close-this-thing-we-have" nonsense, and of course, no goodbyes. If you're on the same boat as I am, well, welcome aboard, you won't like this journey as much as I embrace it, won't be surprised if you were to jump-ship in a few months time either. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hotlink #Makethatcall

No one makes calls these days, it's either an sms, a whatsapp message, e-mail, messenger, skype... Whatever happened?

Every time I think about making calls, or when I talk to someone on the phone, Susie Derkin's from Calvin and Hobbes just come into mind, I still find it pretty amusing. 

But that's not the reason for this whole post, knowing I've been slacking a bit on writing, reason being I've been bogged up with a whole lot of things to do, and whenever I feel like updating it at night, I fall asleep. The number of drafts in my dashboard.. saddens me. So I thought, why not I write about something that relates to me, lately?

There are two good news, first of all, you can make cheaper calls via Hotlink's plan. Secondly, in conjunction with this, they've been generous enough to give people a chance to win a new iPhone 5. And the best part is, you don't need to buy anything. Yea, I personally love contests whereby I do not need to fork out any form of cash. But of course, you need to have a Twitter or Instagram account. 

How to win it? Basically you just need to do the following:

1) Register yourself, here. It's a facebook page app. So you could also go to Hotlink's page and find it there. 

2) Then click the Join now button, and fill in your details. 

3) After doing so, click unto #makethatcall, and you're registered!

Afrer that, you can head over to your twitter page, your instagram and hashtag #makethatcall in the most interesting, heart-warming way, and fingers crossed, you could stand a chance to win the phone which everyone is talking about. 

Time is short, do it soon, contest ends 14th January, so  do hurry. (yes, this again, is a delayed post)


Saturday, November 17, 2012


So just pull the trigger.
Many may be familiar with Russian Roulette, a lethal game of chance, where the person holds a gun, with only one bullet, and as he spins the cylinder, not knowing which chamber is loaded with the bullet, he pulls the trigger. The outcome? Depends on pure luck.

Being someone who loves to travel, and still desire to go around the world, I can never be too thankful for the internet, I grew up talking to strangers when I played Yahoo! Pool (damn old school) , but never revealing who I really was. I'd pick different ages for myself, I'd pick different occupations, it's like.. Cosplay at a whole new level. And as years went by, I grew out of that phase, I made real friends, I got more involved in the online world through blogging, made more friends, and it's true, one of them is actually putting a whole lot of trust in me in taking care of his hedgehog for 4 days, the other friend however, she's in the US, but we talk every now and then through Facebook. Then I stopped blogging for awhile, not sure how I stumbled upon this site, could be 9Gag, but this site, showed me the many different people from all around the world, and yes, it's Chatroulette.

I wouldn't consider this a hobby, nor would I call it my favourite pass time, however it's something that excited me. Skipping through random screens just to see who I'd stumble upon, yes, there are weirdo's on the website who would get all horny and some of them would freak the hell out of you at first glance. But like the game of Russian Roulette, yea, there were a few times when I just talked to people and never met them again, listened to someone, but never contacted again, laughed together about the people we see, and never heard from each other again, played music together and never got together as a band. It was one great experience to remember.  But there was one person, the one whom I appreciated talking to, who had the same wave length, who lives 12-13 hours away from me (depending on the month), who was as excited as I was to meet each other on screen, and who actually kept in touch again, only because we decided to make an effort to keep in touch.

And that's when I stopped using the website, because, you can't meet too many strangers at one place, it's a policy. However, I was curious, thinking maybe I could broaden my network, and go on a random trip again, but nope, now when I go to the site, tried to sign in, but was requested to send in my number for verification and all that jazz, it was too much of a hassle, so yea, I don't bother going to that site anymore.

I consider myself pretty lucky, having to know people from all around the world, it all started from Yahoo! Games, then blogging, then Chatroulette, I do wonder what's next and will I be able to meet other amazing people from now on.

I yearn badly to go for a trip, but it's gonna take me a lot of courage, guts, and confidence to do so. It bothers me to know that I can never do what I want because of work right now, it saddens me sometimes too, seeing other people with all the money in the world doing the things I want to do, so easily or some people just spending it so stupidly. And here, I've to strive, work, believe, fight, and focus on what I really want at the end of the day.. not knowing if I'd ever get it at the end of the day.

My life currently, is a love hate situation. Loving all the blessings I have, the people I've met, the friends I'm keeping. But hating the fact that, I want to go for that adventure, but I'm partially bound because of circumstances, circumstances in which I'd need to think of sacrificing one, for one. I'm not ready for something like that, so technically, it's not directly a "hate" thing, but a "fear" thing. The waiting game is the one I hate, prolly because I live my whole life playing the waiting game in whatever that comes my way. So I tell myself, good things come to those who wait, guess I'll just work harder for now and see what 2013 has in store for me.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

War of the worlds: Goliath

What would your reaction be when you're invited for a special screening for a local film? What runs through your mind when you're told that it's a blogger event? What would you expect if you hear about a local production screened on the big silver screen?

My perceptions were wrong, thinking it would be a so-so film, the crowd was waaayyyyy different than any of the blogger events I've been to, and I was not disappointed.

In the midst of my work, I got a text from a good friend of mine, creator and founder of Electroshadow. And because his reviews are honest and "trustworthy", I thought "hey, why not? it'd be something different, and it would also.. nudge me to write again someway somehow" Truth to be known, I didn't regret watching the whole show, yes, there where redundant areas here and there, I wouldn't call it a bad film, but it made me appreciate the hard work behind all these. The show served as what I call, a pleasant surprise I must say, topped with free popcorn and a coke, it was a good time spent.

A lil bit about the movie, it's a local animation, but it's not those *TV3 animations, but this is like seeing a comic book,come to life. A true eye-opener, something beyond the ordinary local productions you see, example,  Cicakman. There are certain things in the movie that may come by a little bit fake, but c'mon, it's an animation, so we shouldn't expect much from it, but I loved, how it made me feel as if I was part of the war in the olden days, those days with guns and machines, and what made this different, the characters weren't dealing with people from other countries, but beings, creatures from another world.

I liked how the whole movie portrayed us, people, as one. Living in the world today, it's not easy to come together as one, we're segregated between "us" and "them". This animation, seemed like a Utopian dream, but think about it, one fine day, if that force somewhere, out there finds us here in this humble place called earth, how will we fight them? how can we go against them if all the countries in this world are minding their own business. But of course, that's a little too far fetch, maybe I'm just.. delusional to actually think that there may be stronger creatures out there, maybe I'm just re-living my childhood I never had, because back then when I was younger, I never took the time to play games nor imagine monsters, aliens and zombies, I was thinking of how I wanted to live my life, how I wanted to earn my dough, and all my other life goals... so now that i've reached the point, thinking that, well, I've yet to achieve anything too great, but, hey, you can never be too old to go back to the comic world, the animated world, that fantasy.

I wouldn't say the film has impacted me in a way that's... life-changing, but I must say, to think of the process of making this film, to think of the efforts behind, to think of how they may have made the some parts of the film "over-done", made me open minded, to accept flaws, to have faith that it could be better, to believe that Malaysia is not all gloom and doom at the end of the day, and to take life easier as a 22 year old. The makers had a long way in making this film a success, not that I'd be making one of my own, but it's an indirect reminder  that, if I want to reach that particular point in life, I've to either put in the same efforts they did, or probably more.

Overall, it's a feel-good film. if you're looking for Transformers material, or TDKR storyline, or Daniel Craig or Anne Hathaway lookalikes, or films that would make you sit on the edge of your seat... watch it, but keep the comments to yourself, because the animation ain't nothing like anything stated above. But if you have a thing for local productions, even if you don't, if you like animations, guns, and robots (which was my case), or if you've nothing to do after work, then watch it.

Till my next post! (not sure when, but I'll try.) : )